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NDSpace 3D is a factory specializing in 3D printing, we provide one-stop service with a wide variety. We sell to over 80 countries and regions and supply resin to 1000+ companies.

It took 730 days and nights to develop the super cost-effective DLP Jewelry Oxygen Permeable Film Technology Printer and 100% smoke and residue free white wax casting resin.


    NDSpace3D H360 SLA PRINTER

    The NDSpace3D H360 SLA Printer is a high-performance SLA printer that offers top stability, high precision, and fast speed. It is ideal for material testing and small to medium-sized models.

    • Liquid level detection technology ensures that the resin level is always consistent, resulting in accurate and consistent prints. This is important for material testing, where it is critical to obtain accurate measurements of the printed object.
    • Variable spot allows for precise control of the laser beam, resulting in smooth and detailed prints. This is important for printing models with fine features, such as jewelry or miniatures.
    • Industrial laser galvanometer provides high-speed and stable laser scanning, resulting in fast and accurate prints. This is important for printing large or complex models.
    • Linear guide + ball screw provides high precision and smooth motion, resulting in high-quality prints. This is important for printing models with smooth surfaces and sharp edges.
    • Adapts to a variety of performance materials, including high-strength, high-temperature, and transparent materials. This makes the printer versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.
    • Vacuum adsorption system prevents resin spillage, resulting in a clean and tidy printing environment. This is important for safety and for reducing the risk of contamination.
    • Low-pressure stereolithography reduces the risk of resin bubbles, resulting in clear and smooth prints. This is important for printing models with high optical quality.
    • Self-contained computer operating system makes it easy to use and operate the printer. This is important for users who are new to SLA printing.