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NDSpace 3D is a factory specializing in 3D printing, we provide one-stop service with a wide variety. We sell to over 80 countries and regions and supply resin to 1000+ companies.

It took 730 days and nights to develop the super cost-effective DLP Jewelry Oxygen Permeable Film Technology Printer and 100% smoke and residue free white wax casting resin.


    3D printing services (LCD/DLP/SLA/MJF)

    Experience innovative 3D printing services utilizing LCD, DLP, SLA, and MJF technologies. Our service offers multifaceted performance options and customizable color functionalities to meet diverse printing needs. Explore the blend of high-tech techniques and personalized color features for your printing requirements.


    Tailored Solutions for Unbounded Creativity

    At our 3D Printing Services, innovation and customization merge seamlessly. Leveraging cutting-edge LCD, DLP, SLA, and MJF technologies, we offer a spectrum of multifunctional capabilities. Our services go beyond conventional boundaries, providing not just a range of performance options but a canvas for your imagination.

    Unlocking Possibilities with Multidimensional Technology

    The fusion of LCD, DLP, SLA, and MJF technologies empowers us to deliver an extensive array of solutions. From intricate models to functional prototypes, our printers cater to a diverse spectrum of needs. With adaptable settings and precise calibration, we manifest your ideas into finely detailed, tangible creations.

    Personalized Color Palettes for Distinctive Designs

    Amidst our vast array of services, we emphasize the personal touch. Customizable color functionalities ensure your designs reflect your distinct vision. Whether it’s vibrant hues or subtle shades, our spectrum of colors and finishes breathes life into your projects, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

    Seamless Integration Across Varied Industries

    Our commitment extends to a multitude of industries. Be it aerospace, automotive, healthcare, or beyond, our printing services find applications in myriad fields. Precision-engineered models or intricate components – our attention to detail guarantees quality across diverse sectors.

    Uncompromised Quality, Endless Innovation

    Quality isn’t just a feature; it’s the hallmark of our services. Every layer, every detail, is meticulously crafted to ensure flawless outputs. We don’t just print; we innovate, constantly exploring new avenues to enhance your experience and deliver excellence.