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NDSpace 3D is a factory specializing in 3D printing, we provide one-stop service with a wide variety. We sell to over 80 countries and regions and supply resin to 1000+ companies.

It took 730 days and nights to develop the super cost-effective DLP Jewelry Oxygen Permeable Film Technology Printer and 100% smoke and residue free white wax casting resin.


    NDSpace3D B01-Industrial Curing Machine


    Step into the future of curing technology with the NDSpace3D B01-Industrial Curing Machine. Designed to redefine anaerobic curing processes, this machine offers an expansive creative environment coupled with 360-degree all-encompassing curing capabilities. Boasting a high-power light source and an innovative one-piece metal solid body, it sets a new standard in precision and efficiency for industrial curing solutions. Experience a new era of curing efficiency and innovation with the B01 model.


    Expansive Creative Space

    Enter an expansive realm of innovation and precision. The B01 model redefines workspace dynamics, offering an extensive area that fosters unparalleled creativity. Its generous working space opens doors to an array of tailored and precisely executed curing applications, setting new standards in versatility and precision.

    360° All-Round Anaerobic Curing

    Experience flawless and all-encompassing anaerobic curing. The B01’s cutting-edge technology ensures consistent and comprehensive curing from every conceivable angle. This groundbreaking capability guarantees immaculate results in every project, ensuring uniformity and perfection in the curing process.

    High-Power Light Source

    At the heart of the B01 machine lies a high-intensity light source, a powerhouse driving accelerated curing processes. This state-of-the-art system delivers outstanding efficiency and accuracy, optimizing productivity while maintaining the highest quality standards in the curing process.

    One-Piece Metal Solid Body

    Engineered with durability at its core, the B01 machine is forged from a single-piece metal body. This robust design ensures stability and resilience, making it perfectly suited for the rigors of demanding industrial environments. Its solid construction guarantees consistent, reliable performance, even in the most challenging settings.