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NDSpace 3D is a factory specializing in 3D printing, we provide one-stop service with a wide variety. We sell to over 80 countries and regions and supply resin to 1000+ companies.

It took 730 days and nights to develop the super cost-effective DLP Jewelry Oxygen Permeable Film Technology Printer and 100% smoke and residue free white wax casting resin.


    NDSpace3D Micro-sculpture resin-NDS100A (Crashworthiness)

    Type:NDSpace3D Micro-sculpture resin NDS100A (Crashworthiness)

    Color:Khaki, White,Star gray, Black,red wax (Support color customization)


    The NDSpace3D Micro-sculpture resin-NDS100A (Matte texture) stands out for its exceptional characteristics tailored for model enthusiasts. This resin, renowned for its high hardness, low release force, and absence of odor, presents a matte surface texture with rapid curing capabilities. Specifically designed for printing models of 3CM or smaller, it excels in delivering a premium tactile experience while ensuring excellent resilience against impacts. Its high precision and remarkable attention to detail make it an ideal choice for intricate model printing. The NDSpace3D Micro-sculpture resin-NDS100A (Matte texture) embodies superior quality, catering to the demands of hobbyists and professionals seeking refined textures and exceptional detailing in their prints.

    White label is available. Bulk purchase, support free OEM packing label.

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    Animation and Cartoons: Ideal for crafting intricate characters, props, and models in the animation industry, accentuating fine details and textures with a superior matte finish.

    Architectural Modeling: Well-suited for creating precise architectural models that emphasize intricate details, textures, and lifelike representations.

    Education and Training: Valuable for producing accurate tactile models and educational aids, facilitating hands-on learning experiences with detailed prototypes.

    Industrial Components: Perfect for manufacturing precise and durable industrial parts and prototypes, ensuring high-quality finishes and intricate detailing for various machinery and equipment.

    Design and Development: Facilitates the creation of highly accurate prototypes and models in design processes, focusing on fine details and superior quality finishes for product development.